We can offer you the implementation of your calibrations in our lab or immediately on site
Equiped with high technological measuring devices we garantee you a precise and qualitative work.

Calibration on Site and in Lab

Calibration– Temperature : From – 90 °C up to + 700 °C
– Pressure : From 50 mbar up to 700 bar
– Humidity : From 5 up to 95% HR between +10°C and +50°C
Calibration– Air and Liquid Particle Counters
– Microbial Air Samplers
– ATI Photometers and Aerosol Generators

Human and Material Resources

– Trained, responsable, flexibel and polyvalent staff
– High technology with calibrated equipments (calibrated by accreditated labs)
– Temperature and Humidity generators, reference sensors, aerosol source, flowmeter, pico-ampere current source
– Competention, speed in intervention and finishing the intervention reports
– Innumerable national and international references, both in the private sector and in the public sector and universities.